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A Blissful Week

I have to admit that I was a little crazed when my nanny told me she was leaving for a week. A WEEK!!! Without the extra set of hands and pair of eyes I thought this week was going to be the hardest yet. And ya know what? It was the BEST. When I let go of my worry about not getting things done or not being able to show up to places on time or even at all, a sense of calm actually came over me. I know, I know. Twins and calm really don’t go together, however, I have to tell ya it was a blast. We read, we sang, we danced, we covered ourselves in yogurt (well, they did), and got drenched in the sprinklers and pool, and and and… The list goes on. It was amazing and beautiful and simple and happy. 

I am sure I have a pile of laundry and dinner to cook for the hubs in a couple hours but it doesn’t really come close to the little girl and boy jumping on my bed and squealing laughter down my halls. 


Thank you so much to The Hive for this lovely interview of the babes and I. It is a real challenge to find things to balance the world of twin mommy-hood  and I am so happy to share with everyone even the smallest most helpful things that work for us. I am certainly learning everyday with these wonderful little humans, and I hope we can learn from each other how to live a blissfully messy and wonderful life. 

All Photos by Jennifer O’Hill

It’s been a really fun and easy time transitioning the babies room into a little toddler room. We really kept a lot of the feel and decor, however, adding a lot of new elements such as the animals everywhere to grow with the babes interests. 

I want to give a BIG thank you so much to Eenie Meenie Bambini for coming into the Ztwins space and capturing it so perfectly. 

You can check out more photos of the twins nursery along with a “shopping list” of items from our room. 

All photos by Lauren Moore

Oh My Little Swimmers

Although swim lessons gave us all a sense of security, it certainly isn’t the end of our lessons. What the swim lessons did was build a lot of confidence in the water and now we have these littles fishes. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing because they actually think they can swim when they can’t on their own. However, they have learned to hold their breath a little longer, to hold on to the edges and “walk” their hands to the stairs, and most of all, enjoy themselves. Here are a few images of us recently in the pool. 







So excited about our new adventure. “little minis” is making it’s debut early Spring 2015. Amazing pieces and it’s all vintage dead-stock, so our environmental foot print is less damage to our momma earth. Follow us on Instagram @littleminis to watch us grow 🌻

So excited about our new adventure. “little minis” is making it’s debut early Spring 2015. Amazing pieces and it’s all vintage dead-stock, so our environmental foot print is less damage to our momma earth. Follow us on Instagram @littleminis to watch us grow 🌻

A Beautiful Idea

George & Lily’s Auntie Vanessa has been doing the most thoughtful and amazing thing. Each week she sends a post card from her hometown or even cards she has picked up during her travels and writes little notes to George & Lily. I read them to the babes every week and it really makes for a unique and wonderful connection. They often say “Auntie” and when they see her picture know exactly who she is. It’s hard having her so far away, FaceTime and letters are our only connection, and it is just wonderful to have extra conversation through words. Not to mention I myself feel closer just reading them. I appreciate so much the weekly dose of love…

Survival Swim Lessons With The Babes

So we are in the middle of our two-week survival swim lessons and it has been a challenge for everyone. I have to admit the first day of this was one of the hardest days as a momma. Handing your child/children over to a stranger to teach them life lessons in the water is every bit of scary and terrifying. But as day 5 approaches I have to say it is the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed. 

With groups of three children at a time (that’s right, he holds three at a time!) the class is teaching them how to swim to the steps of a pool, to grab ahold of the side, and move their way towards whatever steps are closest. It is only thirty minutes and it is all those little babes can take. Although, yesterday my little son the fish decided he wanted to do a few extra swims for fun. This goes to show that the first 3 days of pure crying has since eased up. This doesn’t mean everyone is comfortable yet. Lily cries almost the entire time and so do most of the children. Part of the time I can’t even watch…

I think this is so very important to teach your children at an early age. We are such water people and have a pool of our own. This doesn’t mean they are going to be pro swimmers at 19 months, but this makes me feel a little more comfortable about them being in the water. This also doesn’t mean the same rules about swim safety doesn’t apply anymore. They absolutely can never be in the water alone or without an adult. Also never assume they can and know how to swim and hold their breath. It just is getting them more comfortable with the water.


* George & Lily with mommy after swim lessons. Day 2. 


* Lily after swim. One tired Unicorn.